So you want to save on flights?

Whether you have a destination in mind already, the following (much copied!) suggestions, tips, hints and hacks will help you find the best flight deals.

Use a flight comparison website (like us!)

Flight comparison websites like CompareFlights and/or our competitors offer the fastest route to cheaper fares. This broad approach will include codeshare flights (where two or more airlines operate the same flight together, often with wildly different prices from each). Our main competitors include Cheap Flights, SkyScanner and Momondo. Another one to consider is Google Flights.

Consider travel clubs

Non-comparison travel websites are worth considering. These include ScottsCheapFlights where you can ‘follow’ wish-list destination airports to have automated deals sent to you. JacksFlightClub is one we love and boasts an awesome ‘cheap flights’ newsletter enjoyed by over one million travellers!

Be flexible

If you can be flexible when you travel there are enormous savings to be had. Ultimately, a day before or after your ideal date could be significantly cheaper, especially during the holiday season.

Look to the future

Book flights either as far in advance as possible (especially when using budget airlines who charge more as the plane fills up) or, if you like to live dangerously, hope to grab an offer shortly before you need to depart. Most airlines list flights a year in advance.

Fly off-peak

Fly off-peak. Monday mornings and Friday evenings are often the most expensive times to travel, attempt to avoid these if you can. Mid-week, early morning and late evening are where you can often find great flight deals.

Go indirect

Flying indirect is sometimes cheaper. For this reason, indirect flights are becoming more popular, with many travellers opting to stay one or two nights on their journey as a stopover.

Mix things up

Treat your outbound journey separately from your inbound one. A different airline or airport for the return journey can often be cheaper.

Avoid hidden charges

Be aware of hidden flight charges, many of which are extras including charges for luggage, seat selection and food. The latter is obviously overcome, especially on shorter low-cost budget flights, taking your own food and drink with you (subject to travel restrictions/airline rules).

Don’t splash the cash

Book with a credit card. Not only this payment method provide you with more support should the airline go bust, many credit card companies provide points or airmiles to reduce your cost of travelling.

However, always ensure watch out for credit card surcharges that are levied by some airlines.

Loyalty Schemes

Look for loyalty schemes with your favoured airlines.

Think outside the box

As an example, using the charter flights from a package holiday and not even staying in the thrown in accommodation can be cheaper!