So, you are part of the large number of people that are looking to take a holiday abroad? As anyone else, you too would like to have the cheapest possible holiday without missing out on any of the luxuries. You would like to catch a little winter sun or maybe you would like to ski down the alps and want to find flights to these destinations that are not going to be to heavy on your pocket. Well, if you want to save yourself some money on travel then the best thing for you to do is take cheap flights.

Even though this might sound like a no brainer, there is a problem here too. It is that these flights usually aren’t as good as they seem to be at first glance. Many of the cheap flights you see around you bring along with them heavy hidden extras. You can avoid some of these extras and some of them you cannot. Here is small little guide that will teach you the most effective way to get yourself ready to find these hidden charges before making any bookings & how to avoid them completely.

The thing with cheap air tickets is that they usually are advertised with one way prices being highlighted and tax and surcharge have not yet been added to them. You should remember that you will be paying double of what you see if you want to return from your holiday & that taxes & airport fees could easily make your £10 flights cost £30. This means that your cost has gone up by three times and there is nothing you can do about it.

Even if you do convince yourself to overlook the taxes and surcharges, you will also be paying more when you are choosing your payment method. A lot of the air tickets that you buy online would make you pay credit card handling fees of anything from £2 to £10 depending largely on the airline that you choose to book with.

Even though you can avoid this by making payment in the right kind, most airlines usually use payment types like Visa Electron (which hardly anyone has) as free payment methods whereas they charge every other form of payment the handling fee. If you can convince yourself to pay this fee as well then you should have no more fear of any other hidden extras.

One thing that you could do to ensure you aren’t burdened with any extra fees is to pack carefully. You wouldn’t be needing many clothes for a holiday in the sun so you can pack light. Winter holidays are much more difficult to pack for and you should make sure you only take clothes you need instead of taking clothes you want.

You should also ensure that you check in well before your flight so that you do not have to pay any fees for a late check in. Also, ensure that you bring food along with you for the journey so that you don’t have to buy the extremely expensive food that is available on board.